Myllyteatteris latest performance, a poetic play KOLGA, has been awarded as the winner of Teresa Pomodoro in Teatro Nudo Prize, in Milan, Italy.

The Prize named after the founder of Spazio Teatro Nohma, Teresa Pomodoro, is given annually to a performance that “reveals naked meanings of the human mind and explores man-made materials with exceptional curiosity and uncompromising approach”. 

Twelve performances from around Europe were selected to perform at Spazio Teatro Norma in Milan during 2017. The performances were evalued by a jury of experts, including Eugenio Barba (Odin theatre), Lev Dodin (Mali-theatre), Tadashi Suzuki (SCOT, Japan), Ruth Heynen (Union des Theatres de l’Europe) and Enzo Moscato (Italy) Luis Pasqual (Spain). The President of the jury is Livia Pomodoro.
Myllyteatteri’s Kolga was acclaimed by the jury as a performance that follows an unconscious logic, and that is created with high artistry and artistic cross-overs.
The Prize given to Myllyteatteri is a sculpture made by a famous Italian sculptor Carlo Raumos.

KOLGA is a stage interpretation of a poem by contemporary Finnish poet, Tommi Parkko. The performance premiered in Helsinki in October 2016, and was well received by critics and audiences. In 2017 KOLGA got invited to Ireland and Italy, and in 2018 the piece will continue touring Europe and return to Helsinki along with the celebration of Myllyteatteri’s 15th anniversary.


Myllyteatteri was founded in 2003 by theatre director and writer Miira Sippola, to create multi-layered performances drawing on theatrical elements of physicality, strong visual imagery and music. Myllyteatteri’s particular interest is in combining physicality of theatre with metaphysical subjects, portraying the human mind on stage. Myllyteatteri has produced 18 performances in Finland and abroad.


*Myllyteatteri takes Divina Commedia to Portugal


Myllyteatteri is leading an international theatre project, which transforms Dante's Divina Commedia to theatre. The project has started in 2011 and now it will grow international.


Divina Commedia -play will be performed in Portugal as a part of the Escrita na paisagem Festival July 4th-7th 2012. The crew of the project has been gathered together from Finland, Greece and Portugal. The performance is directed by Miira Sippola.





The HIstory and future of Work-in-progress project

The first stage of Divina Commedia project was a performance, which was directed in autumn 2011 by Miira Sippola, the artistic leader of Myllyteatteri. The performance was based on material written by several Finnish contemporary playwrighters.


Myllyteatteri has collected theatre artists from different corners of Europe to the project. The international and interdisciplinary group from Finland, Greece and Portugal creates Divina Commedia 2.0 in a unique and impressive site specific location in an abandoned marble quarry in Vila Vicosa, Portugal, as the part of the Escrita na paisagem –festival venue. The name Escita na paisagem means ”written in landscape”.


After the Escrita na paisagem Festival Divina Commedian will return to Finland as a new version and it will tour in Europe.




 The content of the performance


Myllyteatteri's Divina Commedia has the same structure as Dante's: Hell - Purgatio – Paradise. In Myllyteatteri’s version of Divina Commedia a man gets an invitation from a Child. The man notices that the landscape and people in it, among whom the Child takes him, are familiar. Are they his own family? Society? Collective rules? Powers of his own mind? The journey where the man is taken, appears to be the most dangerous of all the journeys. To get out of the labyrinth one must die. But the prize is timeless beauty which we all shall share.


The languages spoken in the performance are English and Portuguese, with a small tastes of Finnish, Greek and Japanese. The language is not crucial issue in the performance, as the notes are not important in music. The theatrical music is what matters.


Divina Commedia 2.0. is a theatre play about confronting yourself and finding beauty. Divina Commedia 2.0. is a theatre play of a man in crisis and the way out of it. Divina Commedia 2.0. is a theatrical symphony, in which the way to new goes through death.


Escrita na paisagem Festival in Portugal during July and August 2012, around Evora in the beautiful environment of Alenteja. More information:


More information:

Katri Muhonen

The producer of Myllyteatteri

+358 40 764 6699



Divina Commedia Crew

Script and Director: Miira Sippola 

Actors: Diana Niepce, André Salvador, Fábio Moreira, Susana Nunes (POR); 

Nantia Papatheodorou (GRE); Ulla Raitio, Tuomas Tulikorpi, Jaakko Kiljunen, Idalotta Backman (FIN) and Yuko Takeda (JAP).

Scenographic designer: Aili Ojalo (FIN)

Light designer: Anaísa Guerreiro (POR) 

Sound designer: Rui Lina (POR)





Press Releases 2011



DIVINA COMMEDIA as international theatre co-operation:




Finland’s performances in Helsinki October 12th-November 5th, 2011. Portugal-performances July 3-7, 2012. 


Myllyteatteri together with its international co-organisers is making a new theatre play out of Dante’s master work Divina Commedia.

The structure being the same as Dante wrote it: Hell - Purgatio – Paradise, a big group of younger generation professional artist from the corners of Europe (Finland, Portugal and Greece) are answering the same questions as Dante did: What is the meaning of life? What is the hard core of the human being?  

The first part of the work-in-progress -project was premierd in Helsinki Suvilahti, Tiivistämö in October 12th. The performance will de developed during the winter 11-12 and continues being performed in Portugal Estremoz at an old marble quary as a part of Colecção B, Associação Cultural - Escrita na paisagem -festival in July 3-7, 2012. The Greek participants come from the cultural organisation in Athens: Art Syndicate. 

Myllyteatteri’s production team for Divina Commedia: 

Actors: Idalotta Backman, Jaakko Kiljunen, Ulla Raitio, Yuko Takeda and Tuomas Tulikorpi

Director: Miira Sippola

Visual design: Aili Ojalo

Sound design: Johanna Storm

Composing: Timo Muurinen

Light designer: Matti Jykylä

Producer: Katri Muhonen




The Divina Commedia Theatre Project has been elected to the EU Culture Program 2007-2013.




The press release in August 2010:



Saari - The Island was succesfully performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 23-29, 2010 at the Zoo Venues. The actors in the performance are Kaisa Niemi and Yuko Takeda, script and direction is by Miira Sippola. The critics acclaimed Saari - The Island to be "the most enigmatic production on this year's Fringe... Saari has a surprising amount to say about solitude, companionship and what it means to be human."