Kolga has won The International Teresa Pomodoro Prize

Myllyteatteris latest performance, a poetic play KOLGA, has been awarded as the winner of Teresa Pomodoro in Teatro Nudo Prize, in Milan, Italy.

The Prize named after the founder of Spazio Teatro Nohma, Teresa Pomodoro, is given annually to a performance that “reveals naked meanings of the human mind and explores man-made materials with exceptional curiosity and uncompromising approach”.

Twelve performances from around Europe were selected to perform at Spazio Teatro Norma in Milan during 2017. The performances were evalued by a jury of experts, including Eugenio Barba (Odin theatre), Lev Dodin (Mali-theatre), Tadashi Suzuki (SCOT, Japan), Ruth Heynen (Union des Theatres de l’Europe) and Enzo Moscato (Italy) Luis Pasqual (Spain). The President of the jury is Livia Pomodoro.

Myllyteatteri’s Kolga was acclaimed by the jury as a performance that follows an unconscious logic, and that is created with high artistry and artistic cross-overs.

The Prize given to Myllyteatteri is a sculpture made by a famous Italian sculptor Carlo Raumos.

KOLGA is a stage interpretation of a poem by contemporary Finnish poet, Tommi Parkko. The performance premiered in Helsinki in October 2016, and was well received by critics and audiences. In 2017 KOLGA got invited to Ireland and Italy, and in 2018 the piece will continue touring Europe and return to Helsinki along with the celebration of Myllyteatteri’s 15th anniversary.

Myllyteatteri was founded in 2003 by theatre director and writer Miira Sippola, to create multi-layered performances drawing on theatrical elements of physicality, strong visual imagery and music. Myllyteatteri’s particular interest is in combining physicality of theatre with metaphysical subjects, portraying the human mind on stage. Myllyteatteri has produced 18 performances in Finland and abroad.
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