Lot’s Wife

A play based on Euripide’s Medeia. A modern tragedy about the “right of freedom” of today: a single mother to whom child is too much, and the busy society to whom the single mother’s ask for help is too much. The winner of the Tragedy Competition in the Theatre Tent 2008. On stage: Hanna Raiskinmäki …

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Searching The Animal

    A performance about how the society narrows the human being in working life of today. On stage: Minna Krook, Kaisa Niemi, Jarkko Nyman, Jukka Ruotsalainen, Miira SippolaOn video: Paula KoivunenDirection: Kaisa-Liisa LogrenScenography and dress design: Laura PoranenLight design: Heikki PaasonenMusic design: Jukka RuotsalainenMovement: Kaisa NiemiDramaturgy: Kaisa-Liisa Logren, Miira Sippola and the whole teamProduction: …

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The Call Of The Empty Stomach

A tragi-comical performance about hunger in all its forms. The Call Of The Empty Stomach Brochure On stage: Paula Koivunen, Maritta Kuula, Kaisa Niemi, Matti Onnismaa, Niko Rajala, Timo Ruuskanen, Niina Tamminiemi ja Kaisa-Liisa LogrenScenography and dress design: Aili Ojalo Light design: Juho RahijärviScript and direction: Miira Sippola Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter …

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Attempt Of Her Life

Martin Crimps postmodern play got baroque clothes in Myllyteatteri’s first big production in an old mill which we found to be a great performing place. The critic thanked for a good analysis of today – “hasn’ the western culture actually made the whole circle to the egoistic times of baroquea” and the rude performance. Helsingin …

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Stage Carousel Case Gala, 10 year Anniversary Performance

Case Gala is Myllyteatteri’s 10th anniversary performance. It is is a stage carousel, devised from the childhood memories of the director Miira Sippola. Through the “cases” of one family, the spectator is taken inside the common history and humanity.  In Case Gala Myllyteatteri takes a step further in special visual theatre-telling. Beside the ten actors …

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Tragedia contest

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